We provide a full range of ePublishing services, creates the popular eBook formats like ePub, Kindle, Nook from Ms-Word, PDF, QuarkXPress, InDesign, RTF, XML, HTML and other source formats. We have completed a wide variety of eBook conversion projects for publishers, universities, libraries and companies all over the world. We are capable of handling large volume projects with varying complexity, can also supply a print-ready PDF along with the eBook.

We do ePub conversion with source formats having varied and complex formats - paragraphs with indents, headings, footnotes, endnotes, table of contents, lists, tables, text boxes, bookmarks, hyperlinks, images etc., as per the standards set by "The International Digital Publishing Forum" (IDPF). ePub books can be read on Windows, Mac, Linux computers, on Nook and Nookcolor, on Sony Reader on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, on Android.

We also create Fixed-layout ePub files for iBooks, Kindle and Nook, where you need to retain the original layout of pamphlets,children's books etc.


We have a dedicated team of professionals well experienced in Typesetting, Composing, Pagination and Copyediting. We handle Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering, Medical and other Scientific Books and Journals. Our production capabilities cover comprehensive range of Prepress Services Illustration creation, Image Redrawing and Electronic file production for print as well as web.

As experts in LaTeX, QuarkXPress, InDesign, 3B2, and FrameMaker, we provide front-end XML for simultaneous delivery to print, digital media and devices. We use standard typesetting tools such as InDesign, QuarkXpress, TeX, LaTex, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Microsoft Publisher, 3B2, Microsoft Word. Our production capabilities cover comprehensive range of Prepress Services Media Conversion, HTML/ SGML/ XML Conversion, Illustration Creation, Image Redrawing, Scanning, OCR, Proofreading, Book Editing, Text Conversion and Electronic file production for print, web.

We use Illustrator, CorelDraw for image processing, illustration re-drawing and have worked for some of the publishers.

Data Conversion

We handle Data Conversion of all kinds of document formats. We can convert data into any of the formats, Excel Worksheets, ASCII, Comma Seperated Values etc.

Our data analyzing team prepares job specific processes and instructions, to convert Books, Periodicals, Journals, Legacy Materials of Scientific/ Technical/ Medical/ Legal Documents, Newspapers etc. into mark-up languages,Word processing formats as per the requirement.

Data conversion can also suffer from inexactitude, the result of converting between formats that are conceptually different. The WYSIWYG paradigm extant in word processors and desktop publishing applications versus the structural-descriptive paradigm found in SGML, XML and many applications derived therefrom, like HTML and MathML, is one example.